Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kuta, Bali

Yesterday was a travel day from Singapore to Bali. 

I will be spending four days diving with Bali Scuba.  Here is a map of Bali and the dive sites-

Today I went diving at Sanur and Sanur Bay (#4)-

The first dive was much better than the second with 20 meters of visibility compared to less than 10.  I saw a 6 foot white tipped shark, butterfly fish-

(thanks to animalsplannet.com) 

anemone, also known as clown fish-

(thanks to Hal Beral at seapics.com)

surgeon and black tailed dascyilus fish, just to mention a few.  The second dive was at an artificial reef, again in Sanur Bay. In spite of the poor visibility, which was less than 10 meters, I saw golden spade fish, moray, porcupine fish, razor fish, trumpet fish, zebra lion fish, common lion fish and a baby sweet lip.  Pretty cool! I felt really comfortable - finally! 

Lunch was pretty typical Balinese with from the  top right - soy bean nuts, hot sauce, chicken on a skewer and a chicken leg, greens with bean sprouts, half a boiled egg and snake fruit.

Snake fruit or salak is a species of palm native to Sumatra and Java and naturalized here in Bali.  Once it's peeled, there are 3 lobes (that look a lot like peeled garlic) and a large inedible pit.  The one I had tasted sort of chalky, not my favorite, but often they are acidic or sweet-

A cab picked me up from diving and I asked him to stop at my favorite store of all time....

Of course I bought a t-shirt!

Supper was at Menega, supposedly one of the top seafood restaurants and it didn't disappoint with king fish, large prawns, calamari on skewers, as well as clams and fried morning glory-

Day 2 I went to Padang Bai-

to Biyas Tugel, Blue Laguna and Tanjung Jepun. 

We used one of these boats.  It's very narrow, so the wooden pontoons help keep it afloat!

 I dove 26 meters! - actually a no-no because I wasn't 'advanced'.  I saw Moray, Mantis shrimp, Gobi, a black ribbon eel, scorpion fish, box fish and stingrays.  We were chased by a trigger fish too that had little ones with it!

The last two days have been the celebration of Galungan which is a Balinese holiday celebrating dharma winning over adharma.  The spirits of ancestors visit their former homes and whoever lives there must be hospitable with offerings and prayers.  It's based on the Balinese calendar which is 210 days.  

There are many penjor which are bamboo poles with offerings suspended at the ends-

People place dishes of food and flowers at the entrances to their homes and businesses.  You have to step over them to enter!

Looking forward to more diving tomorrow!

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