Tuesday, December 9, 2014

George Town, Penang, Malaysia

George Town, Penang, is the oldest British settlement in Malaysia and there are still many beautiful colonial style buildings such as Town Hall-

The Supreme Court-

And others-

The Victoria Memorial Clock Tower is 60 feet tall because Queen Victoria reigned for 60 years.  On top is a Moorish dome.  It was built in 1897.

Fort Cornwallis is where Captain Francis Light arrived in 1786.  The walls are all that remain today.  Inside is now a park-

St. George's church is the oldest Anglican church in south-east Asia-

There is a lot of street art that started with the George Town festival in 2012.  This is Kids on Bicycle-

Old Motorcycle-

Bruce Lee-

Love me like your fortune cat-


There are also quite a few metal structures.  Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee donated his house for vehicular access- 

This is Nasi Kander who came from Tamil.  He's seen here selling curry and rice, using an akandar (the wooden stick)-

The first Kapitan Keling Mosque was built in 1798.  This one was finished in the 1930s-

There was lots to see here and it was all centered around our hotel.  Tomorrow we're off to KL!

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