Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sydney, Australia, Day 1

Sydney, population 4.6 million is like a modern Canadian city filled with many tourists, stores galore and lots of young people.
It is well known for its Opera House.  Construction started in 1958 but it wasn't officially opened until 1973.  It can hold 5700 people in various performance areas.  Tours are available and there's usually a show on every night.
Sydney is VERY expensive. Gas is about $1.30/litre.  The Aussie dollar and Canadian dollar are just about at par!
The Sydney Harbour Bridge joins the central business district with the north shore. It was opened in 1932 and is nicknamed the Coat Hanger bridge because of its shape. It's the 6th longest arch spanning bridge in the world and the tallest steel arch bridge at 440 feet from the water to the top
To the east is Mrs Macquarie's Chair, which is a bench cut into a sandstone rock. It was carved by prisoners in 1810 for Elizabeth Macquarie, wife of the Governor (1810 - 1821). The peninsula is also named after her.
The Royal Botanic Gardens are 74 acres. It's a huge park with many open spaces, various species of flowers, trees and other plants. It's great for joggers and picnics.
Another big draw here!
Looking forward to another day in Sydney!

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