Sunday, December 14, 2014


The Ritz Carleton

 is touted as being one of the best contemporary art galleries in Singapore!  If it is, that's kind of scary!

This work is pretty interesting though The statue of Islay shows a dog beggin above a wishing well.  There is a piece of stone from the Blarney Castle on the wishing well.  It's modelled after one of the Queen's sketches from 1843 and cost only 10,000.  There is also a poem explaining the life of Islay and 4 proverbs about givingbecause it's 3D-

made out of chunks of wood-

Would you eat here?

Chinatown is Chinatown-

Interesting shops include calligraphy-

Dried meat such as pork, chicken, cuttlefish and shrimp-

The Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple is Singapore's oldest.  It was established in 1827 and is agamic - built using Sanskrit, Gantha and Tamil scriptures.  It's dedicated to the Goddess Mariamman who used her power to cure illness and disease.

The tower is also known as the gopuram-

Here's an interesting machine in 7-11-

The Merlion has the head of a lion and the body of a fish.  It's the symbol of Singapore because 'mer' means 'sea' and lion reminds us of Singapura - "lion city".  The fish body recalls the fishing village of Temasek, Singapore's original name in Javanese.  It's 8.6 meters tall and weighs 70 tons.  

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is spectacular.  It costs $23 just to go up to to the observation deck.  There's also an infinity pool up there, but it's only for guests.  Rooms start at $316 CAD.  Unfortunately, this hotel isn't in Madventure's budget!  It's not in mine either!

I've enjoyed Singapore in spite of its heat, humidity and expensiveness.  I'm looking forward to Bali tomorrow!

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