Thursday, December 4, 2014

Koh Samui, Thailand

Today was a diving day!  We went to Sail Rock for 2 dives.  The visibility was very good at 15 meters and so was the aquatic life.  I saw trigger fish (you want to stay away from them), angel fish, parrot fish, pink anemone, Moray eels, bater banded shrimp, butterfly fish, banner fish and a box fish!

The Dive Academy is a first class operation here in Samui.  I was treated like a queen!  I had a great instructor and excellent equipment. I even got to wear my own computer!  Here's the inside of the boat, loaded with tanks and BCDs-

This is John and me.  He thought I was kind of nervous (I was!) so he held my hand!  I was also having trouble with buoyancy - going up and down.  If he hadn't held onto me, I might have floated up to the surface!  I'm on the right!

What we saw-

Fisherman's Village is a quaint street filled with restaurants and small shops-

The view from one of the many beaches-

Garden statues anyone?

Looking forward to more diving tomorrow!

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