Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lake Naivasha and Hell's Gate National Park, Kenya, December 18, 2015

We rented bicycles and went through Hell's Gate National Park.  It is 68 square kilometers and in the East African Rift Valley-

The gorge is eroded sandstone and has numerous really hot springs cascading down its walls-

It reminds me of Petra in Jordan-

Wildlife along the way included Plains zebra.  They weigh 175-320 kg and measure 260-300 cm.  I love the stripes and each zebra's stripes are like their personal fingerprint-

Dung beetles are super strong.  This one was pushing a dung ball (many times its size) along the side of the road-

Guinea fowl run wild.  They aren't the smartest bird-

We saw a few Masai giraffes.  Their spots are shaped like stars and the pattern continues down their legs, different from the Rothschild-

This time it's Kenglish-

There were a few Thomson or Grant Gazelles.  This one is a male because he has horns-

There were also a few male warthogs (tusks) who weigh 60-150 kg-

There is a huge rose industry where millions are grown and shipped to Europe-

There are hundreds of greenhouses-

Once these men finished 'mowing the lawn' at our campsite-

They threw the grass over the fence and.....

Appeared!  And was he ugly!  Only a four strand electric fence separated him from me-

The hippo is the 3rd heaviest land mammal on the planet weighing up to 3000 kg.

The wildlife spotting has begun!  I'm looking forward to more and more of it!

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