Monday, December 7, 2015

Merkato, Addis Ababa, December 7, 2015

Supper last night was at WOW Burger, Ethiopia's answer to McDonalds who better hope WOW doesn't make it across the pond-

It was excellent and yes that is a fried egg and no I certainly didn't eat it all.  I gave half to a street person on my way home.

This morning, I took a public mini van for 10 cents to the Merkato which is an absolute maze of activity-

Everything imaginable is available, including party supplies-

but Christmas items won't be available until next week.  Orthodox Christians celebrate January 7.


What's so surprising is that there will be 20 stores selling the exact same thing bunched together.  I don't know how anyone can make any money.  How do you choose which booth you want to buy from?


Household goods-

Some stalls are under a roof and a very narrow gutter/walkway separates them-

Others, like these women selling garlic-

cabbage, herbs-

and chickens-

are out in the open.  

Anthing can be had here-


and more chaos-

How's this for a load-

Imagine trying to manoeuvre these crowded alleys with a sack full of cabbage on your back! 

Or 2 sacks-

Or 6 mattresses-

or hundreds of recycled gunny sacks-

The sights, smells and noise are difficult to put into words.  It is an unbelievable hub of organized confusion, at least it was for me.  The locals knew what they were after and where to find it!

Lunch was a beer and beef, onion, olive, pepper and cheese pizza for $8.36-

Not bad considering it will feed me for 2 meals.  I stopped to ask a couple of locals for a particular restaurant.  They asked me what I wanted to eat and after I told them, they led me in a totally different direction to a great pizzeria.  Then, they turned and went back the way we had come.  People can be so helpful!


We have an early start tomorrow as we head south to the Omo Valley where we will visit a few different tribes.

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