Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nanyuki - Nairobi, Kenya, December 16, 2015

If our truck is spotted by patchwork home village people-

the children come running, waving and screaming hello-

Most of our cooking is done with wood so we've now got enough until Botswana.  Mick our driver runs the chainsaw-

The countryside is verdant -

and there are a lot of big fields, all planted.  I haven't seen many manual workers nor machinery but the large fields look machine worked and there are fertilizer shops in the towns.  Lonely Planet says the smaller farmer is being put out of business by larger corporations.  Sounds familiar.  Potatoes and sweet peas (the flower) are planted in the ditches.  Every square inch of arable land appears to be used.

Vegetable markets along the way-

There is a lot of nice produce available -onions, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes etc.

Unfortunately the cloud is socked in (it's not supposed to be rainy season but it's very wet) so we were unable to see Mt. Kenya from our campsite, however, there were beautiful peacocks, crazy turkeys and  huge Calla lilies-

Water for showers is heated twice daily and piped to the dorms-

You wouldn't know it by the temperature that we are here!  Poppy photobombed-

Nairobi is a huge city of 3.5 million and it took forever through traffic-

to reach our camp site where we're only staying one night.  Unfortunately, Doug-

and Emilia and Dave-

 are leaving us tomorrow.  It has been great traveling with them and I hope we will meet again.

This is the first pork I've seen since leaving home October 1-

Everyone is looking forward to some bacon!

Nairobi city buses are brightly sloganned and painted with lots of religious words-

Not sure if these two go together or not-

Sort of ironic isn't it, to see this in the middle of the busy freeway, although there was almost a head-on beside us today.  I had been watching out the window but had just sat down when I heard a car skidding.  I looked out and a car was trying to pass us but another car was coming.  They side swiped each other and the causer of the accident never stopped!  Wild and too close for comfort!

Looking forward to seeing some giraffes tomorrow!

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