Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sodo, Ethiopia, December 8, 2015

The butcher is preparing the lamb for tonight's supper-

We had a choice between lamb (probably mutton) and goat.  Hmmmmm!  No refrigeration, the carcasses just hang in an open shop.  They do their best to keep the flies away!

Along the way, it's pretty dry-

Homes are grouped together. Some have their own well-

Graves are randomly scattered under trees-

Weaver nests -  There is a hole in the bottom and then a shelf inside where the Weaver lays it's eggs-

Collecting water-

We've seen women walking along the roadside going to their closest water source, whether it be a river or well.  This well was in a larger town.

Quite a load-

The first mechanized machinery I've seen-

Grain collection-

The grain is put into sacks and hauled away.

Main street of one of the many towns we drove through-

The further south we drove, the more fertile the land became-

It was pretty barren and dry for a while.  We have an early start for Jinka tomorrow to visit a couple of tribes!

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  1. Alli hope is alright, missing your news but I guess you are in the middle of nowhere. Take care and I look forward to hearing the latest when you hit WiFi.


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