Saturday, November 5, 2016

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, el cinco de noviembre, 2016

Breakfast was crepes, filled with strawberries, cream cheese and a little chocolate!  Wow!  No wonder I have to join a gym-

There are all kinds of rooms with different machines, mats, free weights, bikes, stair climbers, treadmills, etc.  It cost $33 for 2 weeks so I'm going to try and make good use of it.  It's a 12-15 minute walk from my homestay, so a good warmup there and cool down coming home.  They offer a variety of classes too from abdomen, calisthenics, cycling, Zumba, power kick, strong, and TRX.  

On the way to the gym, I had my nails shellacked-

That was a good deal too at $14.00.

I rushed home after the gym for lunch but I guess my Spanish isn't that great - no lunch and no one around to ask.  I think I missed it!

More sightseeing this afternoon.  Here are the ruins of La Compania de Jesus.  It's Spanish baroque architecture and was completed in 1698.  Jesuit priests and brothers lived here until they were expelled from the Spanish colonies in 1767.  Numerous earthquakes have taken their toll but the facade has been restored-

Parque Centrale is where bullfights and markets used to be held.  The fountain dates to the 18th century-

Across the street is the Cathedral which was built in 1680-

The altar-

Now that's a bouquet of flowers!  There were many different large bouquets on the altar-

Peanuts anyone?

Another mercado-

with masques galore-

L'Arco de Santa Catalina-

In the square in front of the Merced Church are numerous food booths.  They seem to be very popular-

Enchiladas - lettuce, eggs, beets, pork or beef-

Molletes en miel-  (muffins in honey)-

Barbeque chicken or pork in a special salsa-

Stuffed pork, rice, and salads-

Corn on the cob-

I'm going to eat here tomorrow night - should be great!

No plans for tonight.  I've got a lot of studying to do so that will keep me busy.  

I've booked a cooking class at 10:30 tomorrow.  Sundays, our families have the day 'off' so we are responsible for our own meals.  It's also free wine the whole 2.5 hours we're cooking!  Should be fun!

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