Sunday, November 13, 2016

Chichicastenango, Guatemala, el 13 de noviembre, 2016

So I was up bright and early, waiting to catch a shuttle to Chichicastenango which is a couple of hours away, to go to the largest market in Central America.  It's only open Thursdays and Sundays. Of course we're living on Guatemala time, so 45 minutes later......

Along the way-

Guatemala appears to be a very fertile, agricultural country.

Delivery boys-

A roadside fruit stand with hanging peppers-

Chichicastenango is a large indigenous town on the crests of mountaintops-

at an altitude of 1,965 m (6,447 ft).  98.5% of the population is indigenous Mayan K'iche. 92% speak the K'iche language, and 71% are bilingual.  Most people I ran into today spoke Spanish and a lot of English, at least enough to get some of my money!

Goods are sold out of the backs of trucks along streets-

The market itself is a labyrinth of narrow, crowded streets-

Filled with eggs-


Dried chillies-

Fruits and vegetables-


Worry dolls are put under your pillow at night.  Each one is burdened with a problem and in the morning, all issues are solved-

There are many colorful textiles.  This is one I bought and the woman who made it-

There are blankets, back packs, purses, wall hangings, tote bags, quilts... You name it, it's here, and all in bright colors-

Wool for knitting-

All kinds of little shops are in the nooks and crannies of the market-

Other things for sale include ice cream-

And chicks-

The steps to the church are covered with gorgeous flowers-

The women dress traditionally-

The postal system is closed!  Apparently, the CANADIAN company that was running the system didn't get their contract renewed, so they just closed down - all post offices!  However, their contract stated they had to continue services for 3 months, so they're doing it but there is only one office in Guatemala City that receives any mail: for the whole country!  Can you believe that?

The store fronts are so interesting.  I had a beer here-

Heading home-

Sunday meals aren't provided because it's our family's day off.  Back in Antigua, on my way to supper, I came across another procession at the Merced Church.  There is always something going on there!  There were red streamers, incense and a large orchestra playing while the procession slowly shuffled along-

Supper was at Frida's, recommended in my travel book and I was very impressed-

It was delicious!

Back to school tomorrow - already it's my last week in Antigua!

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  1. Allison - such great photos! Your visit to the market brought back lots of memories. What an incredible experience you are having. Thanks so much for posting and sharing your photos and adventures!


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