Saturday, November 26, 2016

San Pedro de Laguna, Guatemala, el 24 de noviembre

Today was pretty slow.  Class was good, then after lunch I walked around the town.  There are quite a few Spanish schools around and also lots of cheaper hotels for backpackers.

The lanchas are always ready to go-

to one of the neighbouring 11 villages.

Brenda (9)-

And Elenita (13) is wearing traditional Maya clothing.  They're working in their craft room-

making bead bracelets to sell.  

It's very fine work but Elenita can finish one in an hour or two-

I've been busy planning February and March.  It takes a lot of time to try and coordinate flights and pick the 'best' and cheapest places to stay!  Internet in my casa is super quick - way better than in Antigua so that is helpful.

Tomorrow ends my first week.  There's a graduation ceremony for those who are moving on and a school supper.  It should be interesting!

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