Tuesday, November 22, 2016

San Pedro de Laguna, el 22 de noviembre, 2016

School was good - I'm learning more specifics in grammar and am expected to do homework every night.  I don't mind that as there isn't much else to do in the evenings.  

We get free food at coffee time and today it was chuchito- ground maize with a tablespoon of meat, piquante salsa and a chile.  It's wrapped in a corn husk and boiled.  I had this a few times in Antigua for supper but usually Odilla made them with whipped potatoes, not corn-

Last night was horrible- I wore leggings, a long sleeved shirt and a hoody to bed, had 3 blankets and still partly froze to death.  As if that wasn't enough, dogs barked, music played - starting at 5 am (even before the roosters crowed!) and at 4 am, some asshole was blasting firecrackers that sounded like loud bombs, or at least what I think bombs might sound like.  Needless to say, I woke up tired - again, something I'm not used to at all.  So, I'm moving downstairs to a different bedroom with a window towards the back of the property.  Hopefully I'll get a better sleep!

This afternoon, four of us decided to check out a wine and cheese restaurant in San Juan.  We came across this example of trompe l'oeil-

Eventually we found where we were going: El Artisano is well known for wine and cheese and I know why-

Can you believe that!  There are 27 different kinds of cheese!  It was so good!  We also tried 4 different wines, then walked home-

San Pedro de la Laguna looks great from the water.

Tomorrow- more school and a film in the evening as a class activity.  Buenas noches!

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