Friday, December 15, 2023

Bacalar. Quintana Roo, Mexico     December 15, 2023

My room is good and I had a great sleep.  I was up as early as usual but it was still dark.  Oh ya  - time change!

After my usual morning routine, I hopped on my bicycle and headed out, looking for the hotel from where I will leave tomorrow for my 3 hour boat tour of the Lagoon.  I weaved my way through the town, only almost getting wiped out once.  Eventually I found the place but the woman with whom I talked was Argentinian and I know it’s a stereotype but they are snobs.  I told her I could understand Spanish if she talked slowly but that just seemed to make her talk faster.  She didn’t enunciate any words either or open her mouth.  Numerous times I told her I didn’t understand what she was saying but did she change?  N.O.  So I left and went next door where I had been greeted and courted when I went by originally.  They are running a tour tomorrow for sure and they supply 3 beer for each person - what’s not to love about that company?   My biggest issue will be leaving with enough time to spare to get there by 11.

The view from the lake front hotels-

Heading home I rode along the coastal street but it was very up and down and my bike is a one speed, sometimes it feels like a none speed so I headed into the town again.  I was looking for a pescaderia for lupper but first came across the sign-

and then Fort Felipe-

which I did not enter.  I bought camarones and pescado, found my beer store and headed home.

The kitchen was full with a family from Switzerland.  The man was friendly but no one else in his family spoke even though they can all speak French/English.  The man sitting with them is a French snob and his wife is 2 people made into one if you know what I mean.  They are in RVs that they shipped from Europe, have no timelines and want to end up in Victoria before they’re done.

Later, Harry Potter showed up to do some drawing and other magical stunts, and finally 2 women from Canada arrived.  Thank goodness!  They had just come from a little north of here, living rustic for a month with little power, no wifi and no hot water!  Holy hell!

I spent the afternoon reading and visiting with them as well as the Swiss daughter who is 15 and misses her friends terribly.  She said when she turns 16 she will have her own apartment in Switzerland and live there alone.  

I’m looking forward to my pontoon ride tomorrow!

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