Monday, December 25, 2023

  🎄🎄 Cozumel, Mexico    December 25, 2023 🎄🎄

Merry merry Christmas!

My sleep was okay and after a good breakfast of bacon, spinach and eggs, I was out the door at 9.  I thought it best to get going before it got horribly hot and rain was in the forecast for this afternoon.

My route-

It was very quiet with Christmas and Easter probably being the only 2 days of the year most Mexicans don’t work.  It was pleasant walking and once I got to the shore I followed it-

There’s a resort that has penned dolphins and there were groups in the water probably waiting to “swim” with them.  That’s sick-

In the distance is the car ferry-

and the monsters-

Today there are 4 ships in with 9000 passengers.  I walked to the entrance to the ships, and there were a lot of what seemed to be Americans milling about. There were a lot of taxis, and while I was walking, I met quite a few big white buses, and I’m presuming they were taking groups to the eastern shore. I waited for the Harley Davidson shop to open, but they had practically nothing. That was good and bad because I do not need another T-shirt but I was slightly disappointed.

I walked home and got in the shower immediately because I was dripping with sweat. I read my book and cooled off, searched for a burger joint and found one 1.1 km away. It didn’t open until five which was OK because by then it had cooled off a couple of degrees, probably to about 35. Unfortunately, Flamingo Burgers was closed so I stopped at Bodega and bought a chicken for supper.  I passed two houses that had their front gates open.  In behind I could see beautiful yards and swimming pools, all kept so private because of the great street wall.

I’m relaxing in the cool and just listened to it rain for about 30 minutes. I am considering renting a scooter tomorrow to zip around the island because that’s about all there is to do. Rain is in the forecast again tomorrow, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Looking forward to another day. 

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