Friday, December 29, 2023

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico   December 29, 2023

I had a great day even though I woke up feeling kind of shitty.  This cold is dragging me down but after breakfast I forced myself to go exploring.  Along the way-

I wanted to visit Mercado 28 which is near by and souvenir heaven.  I thought I should get the kids a little souvenir even though they won’t care nor will it have any meaning for them but… I ended up getting letters for the boys, that they can tie to their backpacks or who knows what and Andi a unicorn. Frida will hang from the rearview mirror in my truck-

I came home feeling pretty well, read my book for a while and then decided to hit the beach even though it was only 23 degrees with 90% chance of rain. I caught local bus R1 which goes from the main bus depot to the hotel district-

There are condos and hotels along the beginning of the route and the water isn’t visible even though you’re on a narrow strip of land-

Then it becomes Las Vegas with a beach-

There are lots of hotels, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops.  I loved it!  It just felt so alive and like a big party.  The first beach I went to was Playa Caracol-

It’s small and there weren’t many people there.  I had lunch with a nice view-

First they brought a paper cutlery placemat and put the fork and knife exactly on the pictures-

For the antojitos the nachos were packaged.  I guess this way you know or at least think you’re not eating someone else’s leftovers-

I had chili relleno stuffed with mariscos which was disappointing.  The vegetables were not cooked, even for me and there was very little seafood in the chili.  I’d have been better off getting a filet of some sort of fish.  Oh well-

After, I walked about 5 minutes to Playa Forum where music was blaring and it was hopping-

There were lots of people on the beach- 

and in the water-

I bought a drink at the corner 7-11 and sat on the beach.  The sand is like crumbled shortbread cookies- so soft and beautiful.   I wanted to see the rest of the strip so got back on the bus thinking we would do a complete circle and end up back at the main bus depot but we got to the south end, did a u-turn and came back the way we had come.  I didn’t mind.  

Along the way are lots of hotels, condos, shopping malls, restaurants and a large Ferris wheel-

as well as a golf course-

and the letters, always the letters-

I really enjoyed my day and might even go back tomorrow for my final day in Mexico!  I’m feeling better tonight so that helps too.

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