Thursday, December 14, 2023

 Valladolid to Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico    December 14, 2023

I took an ADO bus at 10:30 to Bacalar which is 263 km south.  It’s pretty close to Belize-

I asked the bus driver if he’d drop me off along the road because I had to backtrack to get to my place but he said no.  That turned out to be okay because I was able to have pollo asado for lupper.  Chicken doesn’t get any better than that.  One thing I love about a lot of places besides Canada is if a restaurant doesn’t serve beer, they just tell you to go down the street to the shop, buy your own and bring it back to drink with your meal.  I knew I was in a good chicken place  because it was pretty busy at 4 pm.

Along the way, a basket shop.  First time I’ve seen that this trip-

My place is nice.  I wanted to be on the lagoon-

rather than have to look for access.  I was almost going to book a hostel but wasn’t looking forward to it because the reviews said the music blasts until midnight even if no one is at the bar and the dorm windows all face the bar so I was glad to find this place last minute.

My room is good, even though I don’t have AC but the fan works fine-

My room connects to the kitchen-

and the bathroom is around the side of the building but it’s for 2 rooms and the other room is vacant.  There’s a small campground where there are five small campers belonging to Europeans who have shipped them over.  

I will do a boat trip either tomorrow or the next day to see the seven colors of the lagoon.  Rain is forecast for tomorrow and even though I’ve been tricked more than once by a wrong weather forecast I don’t want to be on a boat on a cloudy day.  The colors will be too muted so will have to see.  

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