Monday, December 4, 2023

 Campeche, Campeche, Mexico      December 4, 2023

The only thing bad about falling asleep at 9 is waking up at 4:30 and being ready for a new day!  So all morning I just lay around, drinking coffee, having a leisurely breakfast and planning the next few days.  When it was time for lunch I headed out to a restaurant Jorge had suggested but found it closed - not because it was Monday but unlike places at home that are open all day, supper restaurants don’t open until 7 pm.  That’s hard to get used to when you eat lupper between 2 and 3.  He had also suggested another place so I walked there.  It’s a big place popular with the locals because of its big portions, low prices and the food tastes okay too.  La Olla de La Pagoda is large and sort of old fashioned feeling-

with a couple of rooms and bright, colourful chairs.  It was busy enough but the takeout orders were unbelievable.  Mexicans like their food!  As I was finishing, it started to pour and pour and pour.   It’s not so good for a walker without an umbrella but not only that, there is no drainage in the streets so the water sits there, waiting for a car to come by and spread it around.  Finally the rain let up a bit so I ventured out.  I made sure to watch the road for puddles and oncoming cars as the last thing I wanted was a dirty shower of rainwater.  Well' soon there was a huge puddle up ahead and a car coming pretty quickly.  I just so happened to be on a sort of double street.  I moved way to the left and kaboom!  That car hit that puddle so fast if I’d have been on the sidewalk it would have seemed like I’d had a 5 gallon pail dumped on my head!  Lucky for him, and for me too, not a drop touched me.  A woman turned onto the road right after he passed by and unrolled her window with the biggest look of horror on her face!

I walked back to the main square and stopped at two museums, or that’s what they call themselves.  The first one was in the library and had a bit of history, mainly a map of Spain’s accomplishments although I doubt they see it like that-

as well as cardboard cutouts of some of the explorers-

Glad I didn’t have to pay to see that.

Just down the street is Centro Cultural Casa No. 6 which had a few replica rooms of a mansion from back in the day-

The courtyard-

The most interesting thing was the bingo cards-

and number roller-

The numbers are placed randomly on the card.  I guess you couldn’t dab dab dab 20 cards per game like they used to do at Gamex!

The courtyards are a great mystery to me.  The outside of a place looks rubby with paint peeling-

but behind closed doors you never know what you might find-

It’s the same way with people.

After a bit of a rest - (I had a hard day!), I walked to Soriana for a couple of beer.  It has been so convenient everywhere else to just buy beer in the OXXOs which are everywhere.  For the first time this trip I didn’t look at my receipt.  I had pulled 2 cans from a six pack because there were single prices on display in the cooler and I was charged for 2 six packs instead of 2 beer.  Serves me right for not paying closer attention!

Tomorrow my bus leaves at 10:40 for Merida.  I’ve enjoyed Campeche and am looking forward to see what Merida has to offer.  Maybe beer in the OXXOs?

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