Wednesday, December 20, 2023

 Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico    December 20, 2023

I had a great sleep and a leisurely morning.  I went to see Tracy and Wayne Schwartz, Tammey Heinemann’s sister.  We had a nice visit.

After, I stopped at Chedraui which is a very nice supermarket and bought a piece of cake.  I like doing that as a little treat!  Well!  How could I have forgotten about Tres Leches cake?  I remember loving that cake last time I was in Mexico and I will definitely be making it when I get home!  It’s dripping with milk and so good!

I went for lupper at a local place recommended by my hosts, and had lentejas soup which is obviously lentil soup but it had a chunk of plantain floating in it.  It was good-


I also had mole pozole-

 which is  roasted fall off the bone chicken in a chocolaty spicy sauce. Of course I had to have Horchata to drink and this all cost 95 pesos or $7.41. These local places are the best spots to eat for good value and tasty food. The big pots sit on the counter so people can see what is on offer.  This place is very popular as all the tables were full and there was a lineup-

I walked away from the tourist area to find a talavera shop and bought a “Bienvenidos, mi casa es su casa” sign. It comes from Puebla.  I should have taken a picture before it was wrapped but forgot.  I’ll put it on the outside wall of my cabin.  

These stores are across from each other on 5th Avenue but there were no sex toys for sale.  I laughed because the sign definitely got me into the shop!

I like this sign too-

I walked along 5th looking for the ferry that I will take to Cozumel on the 24th.  Along the way-

I came back to my place to relax and am looking forward to tomorrow. 

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