Saturday, December 9, 2023

 Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico            December 8, 2023

I had a slow day and decided I don’t have to rush my time here so I will stay another day.  I’m not going to stay in this hotel, although it’s perfectly fine but for the same money I’m going to try what appears to be a “fancy” place, at least for me, close to the zócalo.  Time will tell.

I read my book, wrote my Christmas letter and the finally went out for lupper.  I had a gringo burro which seemed to be the same as all the other things I’ve eaten and was equally as delicious.  They sure like their onions-

I had to recharge my phone, so for $15.67 I have 30 days and 5.3 gigs of data.  Cheap like chips as the Brits say.

I wandered around-

then came back to my room and read my book.  Loud, I mean really loud music started at 5.  There’s a school a couple doors down and they were having a fiesta, with a DJ no less.  Luckily they quit at 7:45 but I have had to listen to that revolting noise well into the early mornings before.  Mexicans like nothing more than a good party, well maybe a couple of el pastor tacos!

I had a restfull day and plan to go to Uxmal in the morning.

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