Friday, November 25, 2022

Bush camp to bush camp, Oman  November 23, 2022

Last night’s sleep was really good but as per usual, I was awake early.  Everyone was early, maybe on account of the donkey braying alarm clock 😜.  We never did see him but we sure heard him!

Our first stop was at Duqm Rock Garden, imagination required-



After the rock garden?? we drove and drove and drove.  We had a quick lunch stop at Lulu, then drove some more-

With night falling, which is about 5:30, we pulled into the  Raj Al Jinz Turtle Reserve.  Eleven of us paid $28 each, along with at least another 100 suckers, I mean tourists, to walk to the beach about 9 pm to find one female turtle laying eggs-

She soon headed for the sea.  Then, a guide popped a baby out of his pocket and it ran for the water too-

We saw a few egg shells which are paper thin and that was it.  I got to my tent at 10:22 which is 3 hours past my normal bush camp bed time!  Frick!

Tomorrow will be a shorter drive day with a few visits along the way.

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