Thursday, November 17, 2022

Nizwa, Oman    November 17, 2022

It was a slow day!  I walked to the souq which was small and typical.  There’s a large vegetable/food building, then a craft area-

There’s a small tailor street-

A few jewelry shops-

Decorations for National Day tomorrow which will now be November 30th and December 1st-

The tower of the fort is large.  I didn’t go in for a few reasons but apparently there are local dancers and singers performing.  Some of our group found a way in through some ruins near the back-

For lupper I had a chicken/meat shawarma; I have no idea why they say “meat” because I always presume it’s beef but maybe it’s mystery meat like goat?  I also had a great tabouleh-

A great sign in the hotel-

Ric and I found a hotel down the road that serves beer!  We walked there, about a kilometre away, only to learn the bar was closed from 2:30 to 6 pm!  We got there at 3.  Anyway we twisted the man’s arm and he gave us one but he was fearful.  What a place-

I stopped in a supermarket just looking-

Poison in a can!  I ended up going with a bunch for supper and had half a shawarma which doesn’t make sense as it was a lot of food; roast chicken, salad, hummus, garlic sauce, salsa, avocado sauce and fresh fresh bread-

After supper. Ric and I went back for a beer.  Walking home we saw lots of lights for National Day which officially is tomorrow-

We have a long drive, possibly without services so I have to be prepared food wise.  I haven’t been snacking and want to eat well.  Luckily the air conditioning pipes run through our storage pods so keep our things cool.  My shawarma and tabouleh will taste good tomorrow!.  It’s back to bush camping but only for one night and then to a hotel!

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