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Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain, U.A.E. to Bush Camp, Oman November 14, 2022

Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain, U.A.E. to Bush Camp, Oman    November 14, 2022

Goodbye nice hotel-

And we also said a very sad goodbye to Brent from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  It’s his 82nd birthday but he’s having trouble with his legs swelling so he’s decided to leave the trip.  He is very friendly and energetic and has the best laugh - we will all miss him-

Our first stop was the Al Ain Livestock Market-

It’s a market for camels, goats and sheep-

This baby camel is three days old-

A man asked to take my picture in front of the baby and his Mom, then wanted money.  I should have given him all I had as we are leaving the country but I hate being durhamless-

I think their days must be long.  I spoke with men from Pakistan and Afghanistan but unfortunately none could speak English well enough for me to have a conversation, but I did learn that a camel costs around 5000 Durham which is $1800.  I love their different head attire-


Unloading new arrivals-

They’re not too keen to get off the truck and they make crying growling noises, like they’re in pain.  I was surprised they were not aggressive.  I didn’t see one kick, bite or snap it’s teeth-

Watching the unloading-

and finally success.  The trucks also have small cranes to lift the camels up if they’re obstinant-

A little further along are the pens of sheep and goats-

Five days old with my new friend from Afghanistan-



and more camels-

This fellow is huge-

We headed to the border and the crossing took only two hours and forty five minutes which isexceptionally fast  and voilà, we were in Oman.  We stopped for diesel and the price of gas is 82.4 cents/litre.  After we got lunch at Lulu Hypermart where I had the best olive and feta salad but only average butter chicken.  The flavour was fine but, just like in Central Asia, they chop the chicken into bite-size pieces bones and all. It’s very annoying to eat. 

What an interesting meat selection- camel burger-

Goat rib chops-

Boneless camel-

Boneless Indian veal and Somali boneless beef slaughtered in Oman-

Brazilian beef cubes, Pakistani beef and New Zealand beef-

Just like U.A.E., there are flag related items for sale-

Unbelievably I was able to get money from an ATM - 1 Riyadh equals $3.45 Canadian.  I would say that’s the strangest difference I’ve seen in a long time although I do remember a country in Africa where we had bags and bags of money after exchanging.  So I took out 100 Riyadh and I got two 50s which are like two $175 bills, if there was such a thing.  

The scenery hasn’t changed much but the sand has given way to gravel-

Mountains are coming!

Our last stop was at Sulayf Castle where parts of it are more than 600 years old.  The foundation is supposedly older than the arrival of Islam in Oman and it looks like it.  It was closed but we were able to go into a small area where some has been restored and most hasn’t-

We found a secluded spot to bush camp-

During supper, which was a delicious veal stroganoff, Kelly from San Antonio, Texas pointed out the USSS Discovery going over.  It was easy to see and moving very quickly –

Tomorrow we are checking out some tombs, a fort and a castle.  Should be a good day!

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