Sunday, November 20, 2022

Salahala, Oman   November 20, 2022

Breakfast was the best yet.  Cookie or donut anyone? 

Ric, Ishfaq- one of our drivers and I went searching for water.  We emptied our jerry cans and refilled them.  Not sure why but whatever.

Later, five of us went to the Crowne Plaza for the beach and drinks.  We were able to walk into the place as if we were staying there, order food and drinks and just enjoy the awesomeness-

Karen and Leanne-



We had a lovely afternoon but drinks were crazy expensive.  Four beer cost $49.  A shot of bourbon cost $38!  These are the prices one pays in a non alcohol country!

Once back at the hotel, I found a spa and had my toes done-

The courtyard of our hotel is pretty sweet-

Tomorrow we are off to who knows where!  Four bush camps in a row….I’m not sure about that!  

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