Friday, November 25, 2022

Salalah to Bush Camp, Oman   November 21, 2022

We were on the road by 8.  

Our first stop was Wadi Darbat-

It didn’t look like much until we got down to the water.  There are beautiful cascade waterfalls-

Leanne ready to jump- just kidding-

Camels roam freely-

We carried on-

It’s pretty desolate-

We came to a view called Taiq Cave which is an enormous sinkhole-

It’s really hard to see the depth in a photo but it went a long way down.  It’s too bad it’s always so hazy-


The land is deeply gorged from water running to the Arabian Sea during the rainy season-

Our next stop was Jabal Samhan which has a 1000 meter drop and an area of 4500 square kilometres–

What a weird plant-

The view-

The ground is so rocky-

Carrying on-

We came to Mirbat Castle which was totally renovated in 2012 so nothing is authentic -

What was more interesting was walking around the destroyed town.  In 1972 during the Battle of Mirbat nine soldiers kept 300 insurgents from taking Mirbat during the Dhofari Insurrection.  The Sultan asked for help from the British Armed Forces so they sent the Special Air Service.  Many bombed buildings remain-

We carried on-

reaching eventually the coast of the Arabian Sea and found a nice cove to camp by.  I put my tent on some grass because I don’t like sand.  It gets into everything-

We have a big drive day tomorrow as we make our way towards Muscat.


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