Monday, August 11, 2014

Iskander Kul, Tajikistan

Last night's bush camp was fabulous with the full moon and clear sky!

There is such a thing as a "3" (somani)  bill!  It's worth 60 cents!

We're on our way to Iskander-Kul, an opal blue mountain lake at 2195 meters.  Notice there are no guard rails!

We stopped in Ayni for groceries.  I had a meat pie with hot sauce that cost .80 US.  It was delicious!

Sinks like this are in front of public places-

A stop wouldn't be complete without a toilet break.  This one wins the award..... so far!  I'd rather do a bush pee!

People here are super friendly.  They take pictures of our truck, holler 'hello' and always want their picture taken-

These boys ran up to our truck to sell cheese balls and apples-

The route to Iskander-Kul was beautiful until.....

We ran into a bit of a road block.  This rock was in the way, so we had to move other rocks to make the turn-

We walked up to the next switchback to see if it was passable.  Notice the truck in the bottom right corner-

We got around the large rock and only had trouble at one other switchback.  Here is the route.  Aren't the colors fabulous!

We arrived at Iskander-Kul.  Here is Marianne-

We had to wait for this troupe to pass-

We're now enjoying the lake and a few pivo!

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