Saturday, August 9, 2014


We're on our way to Tajikistan!

This car has quite the load!

We stopped at a garage to have some work done on the truck and ended up having lunch.  It was a delicious soup but it had chunks of fat as well as a slice of some kind of organ in it.  It cost $1.66-

The restaurant was in the family's house.  The bed is on the left-

We had to stop for this train.  Notice how the highway lifts up in front of the lead car on the right side-

We were looking for some meat for supper in this town.  The boy is about to pick up the red fly swatter to get the flies off the meat.  We didn't buy any!

They were making bricks out of straw and mud-

We're bushcamping tonight under the almost full moon.  It is fantastic!

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