Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jeti Oghuz, Kyrgyzstan

We had a great sunset last night-

This morning we drove east, south and a little west around Lake Issyk Kul to another bushcamp by Jeti Oghuz.  Close by is Broken Heart.  Legend says two suitors both died during a fight over the same woman.  This rock is her broken heart-

The other side forms the wall of Jeti Oghuz which means Seven Bulls.  The story is that these rocks are seven calves growing big and strong in the valley.  Erosion has caused more 'calves' to be born!

This is also the valley of eagles-

Melissa's not quite sure!

We camped beside this creek-

A few kilometers down the gorge is this open vallley-

We burned most of our wood last night as we're off to China!

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