Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pamir Highway, Kyrgyzstan

Last night seemed a lot colder than other nights but my thermometer said +9 inside my tent.  Here's our bush camp this morning-

This seems to be a cemetery with sandcastles built around the graves-

Along the way. I love the colors-

The fence to the neutral zone with China-

Marmots!  Just big gophers!

The long and winding road.  Actually, in this picture it's pretty straight!

An inukshuk, Tajik style!

Where we came from-

 Ak-Baitat Pass, also known as White Horse Pass, at 4655 meters-


The view-

We passed Karakul Lake, which was formed by a meteor over 10 million years ago.  Currently, there is an effort to have it named the world's highest navigational lake-

The 'resort' town of Karakul.  Not!  Tajikistan is a VERY poor country, but the people make up for that with their friendliness and curiosity-

More views along the way- red rock!

The second highest border crossing in the world- (The highest is between Pakistan and China)-

Between the Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan border, there was 20 km of no man's land-

Notice the green river-

Here is a shed from a Marco Polo-

Second place toilet-

Here's some interesting juice!

Crossing the border was painless and as if by magic, Kyrgyzstan was different.  Greener, road signs, beautiful pavement.....

Notice the piles of manure drying out in front for fuel-



We're bushcamping by a river tonight.  Clear sky, no wind.......

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