Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pamir Highway

The Pamirs are known locally as Bam i Dunya (roof of the world).  Pamir rmeans rolling pasture land in ancient Persian.  There are many complex ranges, separated by high altitude valleys.  Today we drove through the Gunt Valley along the Gunt River.  According to the map, we should have passed through 5 towns but we didn't see anything more than the odd building.

This is the only Marco Polo sheep we're apt to see!

Glad we're not going to the second place!  At least not today!

This man has a great load of hay, walking across this swinging bridge-

The Gunt River-

Drying hay on the roofs-

This is on the Koi Tezek Pass at 4272 meters-

The moon like landscape-

We stopped for lunch-

We came across some salt lakes-

A yurt, although this one didn't have a satellite dish like the first one we saw!

How's this for living in isolation?

As the sun sets....

We drove past Murgab in the dark and bush camped underneath a star filled sky!  Off to Kyrgyzstan tomorrow!

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