Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan

We're on our way to Kochkor.  Had a great night's sleep!

Along the way-

Here's an interesting cemetery-

Yurts, yurts, yurts-  Chickens and cars!  A yurt is a shepherd's shelter made of multilayered felt, stretched around a collapsible frame.  The outer layer is waterproof, coated in sheep's fat.  The innermost layer is woven grass mats to keep out the wind.  Poles and walls are secured by long woollen strips.  They are portable summer homes.

Lots of horses-


Yurt alley-  Most prepare some kind of food and a lot sell honey-

Lunch was delicious!  Fried egg, hamburger patty, bulghur wheat, pasta and rice-

We stopped at Kyzyl-Oi to see a game of 'goat ball'!  There are two teams on horses that attempt to steal the headless goat and throw it on a mound in the end zone to score a point.  The black goat is hanging from the horse in the middle-

They have a type of face off.  5 players per team race to the center of the field-

They even got me on a horse, grudgingly, because I didn't want to smell like "horse" for the next few days!

The traditional Kyrgyz hat-

More scenery- the colors change all the time!

More way too cool cemeteries-

Another bush camp tonight! 

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