Monday, February 26, 2018

Finding the Perfect Homestay in Antigua, Guatemala, February 26, 2018

As my time is winding down in this great city, I am feeling sad.  I love it here but I'm not sure if I'll ever be back.  I've enjoyed living with Marta - my room is nice and so is she.  She's also a fantastic cook and has done an excellent job making healthy meals - lots of meat and vegetables.  She's friendly and likes to visit and help me with my Spanish.  If I came back, I would definitely stay with her again.  Even though it's a half hour walk to school, at 7:30 in the morning the walk is easy because there are few vehicles and fewer pedestrians.  The sun is always shining and the winds are calm.  Coming home is a different story.  Sidewalks and streets are busy and even though it should take more time, it seems faster.  I usually stop at the mercado and wander a bit.  It seems I always have something to check out.

Also, because I'm in a homestay, all meals are prepared, except on Sundays.  This is good and bad.  It's cheap but it hasn't made much sense to go out during the week to eat in a nice restaurant, something I really enjoy.  Even though prices are inflated in Antigua, I've missed that aspect of travelling.  

Because of where I live, I've done a much better job of understanding where everything is.  Last time I lived in the north and going to school was only a 10 minute walk west.  I didn't have to pass any churches or scenic sights.  I had to make an effort to see them separately.  This time, I live right beside Iglesia San Francisco and it is the call to worship at 6 am that wakes me.  I don't mind.  

Patty, my housemate, has been looking for a different homestay; one with a garden view and/or terrace.  She has found a few but they are more money for less.  Most don't provide any meals and cost the same as here.  To stay here a month is 3000 Q = $520 Can.  That includes all meals except Sundays.  I figure it would almost cost 3/4 of Marta's payment to eat and that's not eating in gringo/tourist restaurants but eating from local food stands and the market.  I guess the way I look at it is that if I want to be able to stay away from winter, I need to be able to live as cheaply as I can and Marta's fits the bill.  Maybe I will be back after all!

Tomorrow will be my last day of classes and slaving!! at the biblioteca.  

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