Thursday, February 8, 2018

Paraty, Brazil, February 8, 2018

Today has been boring, but that's my own fault because I didn't go sailing or to a beach.  I stayed at the campsite except for lunch which was okay-

We were given English menus but when we went to pay, our bill was $7 more than we thought it should be.  We checked out the Portuguese menu and the price was higher!  Luckily, we only had to pay the English price.

This crazy car drove by-

There are monkies at the campsite that hang around, waiting for food-

They're miniature and have white hair sticking out the sides of their heads.  Kind of cute.

Tonight we went to a restaurant for a farewell supper.  For some reason, Brazil is really into weigh your plate buffets.  Not my favorite but it was included and our last meal together.

Dario, Sharon and Bijan-

Kerry and Annette-

Ken, Hugo and Jan-

Bob and Linda-

Wiebke and Ninka-

Richard, Ken and Norm-

Christine, Russ and Pauwel-

After supper a few of us went to a local brewery to listen to music because carnival celebrations have begun.  Bang, bang, bang!

We have a 7 am departure for RIO!  Looking forward to it!

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