Friday, February 2, 2018

Foz do Iguaçu, Argentina, February 2, 2018

Today we went back into Argentina to see the Iguaçu Falls from that side.  It's supposed to be the best but I'm not so sure.

We were picked up at 8:15.  Here's Stephanie, Kerry, Annette, Pauwell, Russ, Norm, Jan and Ken-

Our first stop was where Paraguay on the left, Brazil on the right and Argentina on the bottom all meet at the Iguazu and Parana Rios-

Once at the falls we took a toy train to Devil's Throat, then walked on many steel bridges, crossing the rivers that form the waterfalls-

At one place, there were a lot of catfish-

The first view of the falls from Devil's Throat-

There are 3 walks to take- and they didn't disappoint.  There are boat rides you can take to get really close and wet-

Looking down over the falls-

I also saw a few iguanas-

Birds like starlings-

and beautiful butterflies who never stopped moving their wings-

I also saw a crocodile, a fawn and more coatie.  One stole an empanada right off a woman's tray!  Nasty devils!  

We have a 6 am start tomorrow as we drive east toward Paraty.  It will take 2 days and 2 bush camps to get there!

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