Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 12, 2018

The partying starts early.  There were carts of booze in my street at 8:15 am-

I spent a lot of the morning working on my blog and then Wiebke left at 1 pm.  With her departure, it is truly the end of my overland.  We hung out quite a bit during the last 4 months and shared upgrades.  It will be strange not to see her every day!

I spent the afternoon walking around the area.  I had planned to go back to Cocacobana but the bus didn't stop for my thumb and a local told me to go to another street to catch it.  Rather than do that, I kept walking and ended up back at the Arcos da Lapa and the Escadaria Selaron where I enjoyed 2 caipirinhas and visited with a few locals.  

There were numerous street parties in the area-

Everyone is pretty much pissed!  It's crazy!

On the way home, I found parts of two costumes.  The shirt was lying on the sidewalk and believe it or not, it's very clean.  It will easily fit in my backpack.  The hat was on a pole at the restaurant where I had supper.  I'm going to try to bring it home too!  We'll see how I make out!  And speaking of the restaurant, when I was back in my room, I thought "I got so excited about that hat, I didn't pay for my meal!"  So I went back but the waiter assured me that I had.  I have absolutely no recollection of paying!  It's those caipirinhas - that sugarcane alcohol really messes with me!  Note to self - stay away from that shit!  No wonder everyone here is crazy!

I'm leaving at 5:30 am for the airport.  It's only 17 km away and hopefully the Sambodrome will be cleared out by then!  Good bye South America!  Looking forward to Antigua, Guatemala!

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