Friday, February 23, 2018

School, Library and Velacion, Antigua, Guatemala, February 22 - 23, 2018

Yesterday was uneventful: school then 'work' at the library.  I had to punch out cardboard letters and numbers then put them into envelopes.  They'll be used for bulletin board displays I'm presuming.  There were 4 Rotarians from Wisconsin helping out by cutting clock faces, hands, circles for the numbers and other shapes to decorate the clocks.   All I'll say is common sense isn't that common.  It takes a long time to cut shapes out one by one.   Why not fold the paper a couple of times and cut two or three shapes at once?  Oh well.  After I was finished punching letters, I got to dust books and make sure they were all in order.  I'm not kidding.

After 'work'', Patty, who is from Kelowna and I, went to The Sky Bar for a drink and to watch the  sunset.  After supper, I did homework.

Today, school was good, 'work'  was boring because for 3 hours I organized books.  What's so dumb about it is that Lynn works in the library and has a 'system' that works.  Books aren't all in proper order because few people use the card catalogue - they just know where things are.  Well not anymore!  It seems wrong to me that I'm organizing these books when Lynn already has a system.  I think they've run out of things for me to do and it's all just a make work project.  Only 2 more days!

After 'work', I went to Santa Ines, a village close by to see the velacion or vigil.  It's part of the tradition of Lent, or Cuaresma which comes from the word cuarenta, meaning 40 - 40 days in Lent.  Velaciones happen Fridays when select churches have a display in their church depicting a scene from the time of the crucifixion of Jesus.  Santa Ines' theme is the crucifixion of Lazarus-

Intricate sawdust-

 and fruit carpets-

decorate the floor.  Santa Ines will also have a procession on Sunday, up and down the streets in Antigua.  One can sign up to carry a float.  People pay 25 Q and are measured-

They're given a receipt with a number and they'll be put into groups according to height.  Sunday morning they have to pick up their tag which tells them the time they will be carrying the float.

Outside the church-

it's a gastronomic heaven with grilled meats--

and fresh mango swirled on a stick-

Churros are deep fried dough that is light and crispy.  Toppings include caramel or chocolate-

Bacon wrapped weiners??? 

Tostadas- guacamole, pico de gallo and piquante salsa on a crispy tortilla-

After supper, Patty and I went to a local bar for a drink and to listen to a woman from Costa Rica sing  and play the guitar.  I'm looking forward to 2 free days - it's the weekend!!

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