Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bushcamp Gabon to Bushcamp Congo, March 17, 2019

There was no rain in the night but there were many weird little insects that bit the shit out of us.  You couldn't see them but they left red spots, like polka dots that became white and very itchy.  Lying planet warned about them but...  I have hundreds on my arms-

and I'm trying not to scratch but it is difficult.

Naked man was back and Don gave him a pair of pink pants.  He put them on but who knows for how long, I mean, even Don didn't want them!  We also gave him some dry baguettes and jam.  He's mentally challenged  so....

Driving along, the scenery changed from jungle to-

The border crossing-

was very simple and remote.  We had to visit four different buildings but upon presenting our passenger lists, we were waved through.  The last building was a bar that was just hopping:  music playing and people dancing.  Now that's how all borders should be!  It reminded me of Mexico.

We kept driving slowly on gravel looking for a bushcamp but there was no place to stop.  The grass grows tall right to the edges of the road and there are few villages.  Everyone seems super friendly and the kids holler asking for balloons.  I think other trucks have  been here before.  Eventually we found a building with a mowed? front area and that's where we set up.  I'm wearing pants and a coat plus covered in Deet to prevent more bites.  I don't have my fly on and have a bet with Brad for a Coke that it won't rain.  Once again, hoping for a good sleep!

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