Monday, March 11, 2019

Lopé National Park, March 11, 2019

We left our bushcamp-

for Lopé National Park which was only 35 km way but it still took over 2 hours-

We arrived in Lopé, a very small town with surprisingly a few hotels to choose from.  I decided to upgrade, really upgrade.  The view from my room-

The pool-

The Ogowe River flows right by-

We planned to go on a 2 hour jeep safari, leaving at 4 pm and tomorrow to go gorilla trekking but decided to cancel the gorilla trekking - we won't see any anyway and instead we will do the 2 hour drive tomorrow.  We were waiting anyway for the jeep to get back from picking up VIP passengers who had just arrived by a VIP train.  They pulled up in two vehicles and there were more armed policemen than white European politicians.  Whoever they were and whatever they were doing here is a mystery.  Eventually we got a ride into the village of Lome which is 2 miles away and bought supper - Pringles, chocolate cookies, Orangina and Coke Zero.  The meals at the hotel are expensive and not so good.  I'm looking forward to kicking some ass in Scrabble tonight, air conditionning and a soft bed.  

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