Thursday, March 14, 2019

Bushcamp to Libreville, Gabon, March 14, 2019

I got wet again!  It seems that is my new 'normal' and I don't like it! so I have to learn how to set up my tent properly!  It was drizzling when we got up so we just packed up and headed for Libreville.  Apparently there's a national park there that has nesting turtles.  I don't think in March, but whatever.  That's where we are going and I'm looking forward to upgrading to a nice hotel!

Along the way, we passed the equator again-

You would think the road to the capital would be great, but..... TIA.  There are many pothole spots-

that make going very slow.  Logging is a major industry so we see many trucks loaded with huge logs-

Once in Libreville, I checked out a seminary to see if we could camp there - it's Lent and so the directeur did not want to mix the outside world with the ......  other world.   Nearby was a hotel that only had 4 rooms - we need at least 10.  They at least suggested another place - a meditation centre that had a lovely grassed area but unfortunately a retreat was starting and they had no room for us.  We then headed down to the centre and I looked for at least 30 minutes for an apparent hotel on that is not where it's marked on the map.  How frustrating!  Nearby were 2 hotels that had enough rooms but were quadruple the price we pay so we headed out of town, looking for a hotel in the dark.  That's not easy because they don't have huge neon lit signs like at home.  Eventually we found a place and after negotiating with two very uninterested young men - the soccer game and their phones were much more interesting than April and me, we had 6 rooms.  We drew names out of the hat and some got rooms for 4, others for 2, some had to sleep on their mattresses on the floor, some had bathrooms, others AC and yet others camped.  I lucked out and got a bed with Hills.  One of our rooms was snatched out from under us while we were negotiating by a man who rented it for 'un repos' which is for sex and for only 1.5 hours!  When he came out of the room, he was very nice looking and well dressed, as was the woman with him.  I've never stayed at a hotel like that before-

Tomorrow we're leaving at 7:30 for the ferry to the national park.

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