Thursday, March 21, 2019

Dolisie to Matombi Beach, Republic of Congo, March 21-22, 2019

Yesterday we were to meet at the truck at 9 am to pay our $150 US for a double entry Angolan visa that will last 30 days.  Visa fees are determined reciprocally so thanks Canada!  Once all the money was collected, Short Brian and Ella went into the embassy to pay but were told they wouldn't accept American dollars.  Yesterday they would.  I'm telling you - this is the kind of shit we deal with regularly.  When they got to the bank, it was closing for their usual two hour lunch so they were told to come back at 3.  Guess what?  The embassy closed at 3!  But, they went to the bank a little earlier, got the money exchanged and arrived at the embassy about 2:57!  We were all waiting and finally we were allowed inside.  They called us in individually, photocopied our passport bio page, made us sign a document and by 4:00, we were ready to go.  But wait!  Why would we drive only an hour and a half before we'd have to set up camp?  Let's stay the night!  AWESOME!  I rushed back to my hotel, got the same room and lay in the cool, cool air conditionning.  

Today, we had an 8 am departure for a 182 km drive to the beach-

Along the way:  hauling goats-

pigs and logs-

We drove through hilly jungle-


There are numerous wrecks along the way that have been there forever-

We stopped for lunch in Pointe Noire - skewers with 4 chunks of grilled chicken cost 50 cents!  A beautiful, still warm bread roll is 20 cents!  I love street food.  

There's a gorge near Diosso which is apparently Congo's Grand Canyon.  My bar is set lower than the ground my feet walk on, so I wasn't expecting much but it was pretty nice-


We have found a nice wild camp, right on the ocean.  I'm  hoping for a cool, rain free night.  We're making our way to the Democratic Republic of Congo tomorrow.  Maybe some day it will cool off?

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