Tuesday, March 5, 2019

On the Road Again! March 5, 2019

We left Dja National Park and drove all day through the jungle.  Along the way, we pass villages every few kilometers and most are the same.  The roofs are thatched, or if they're a little richer, they'll be tinned.  There are kids everywhere.  The women are baby factories and have a child every year.  They wear clothes that are often filthy and filled with holes.  Cameroon has been the most unfriendly country we've been to.  Lots of people are holding out their hands asking for money.  They yell and holler at us but not in such a friendly welcoming way as in Nigeria.  I don't really like it here-

The jungle is never ending-

The trees are very tall and form a canopy-

Random areas have cut trees that are burned.  I don't know if they have aspirations to plant cassava or if the area has been logged because we meet lots of logging trucks taking huge logs out of the forest-

The roads are red and narrow, snaking through the jungle-

Sometimes we come across a slight problem like this that is easily fixed with a saw-

Police checks are lumber strewn across the road with nails sticking through so you have to stop if you want to save your tires-

We are bushcamping in an awesome quarry that is flat and quiet.  We will be continuing south tomorrow, trying to reach the Gabon border.

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