Friday, March 8, 2019

Almost to Gabon, March 8, 2019

We had a leisurely start - 9 am, except we needed insurance and it took way too long.  We were on the road by 10:30, except we turned right instead of left so spent a good thirty minutes driving around Sangmelina!  Sometimes doesn't quite work right, hey Brian!

Along the way, many homes have graves in their front yards-

Because it's National Women's Day, there are many celebrations.  Women are partying and dressed in clothes made from material witih Paul Biya-

Cameroun's president-

All black African women have kinky hair which they apparently hate because most wear wigs or extensions.  Hair is available everywhere-

We voted to have lunch in a town along the way, rather than make tuna wraps for the umpteenth time. We parked in a busy town in the most perfect spot:  restaurants with chicken and rice, grilled meat, beer and dancing as well as Coke Zero!  How lucky is that?  Often we have to walk a block or two to sometimes find nothing!  We passed through numerous police stations - I don't think we would want to drive over this-

Last night was Nico and Andi's  birthday party.  It looks like they had fun-

We're camping in a field next to the highway but luckily it's not busy and once it's dark, it will be pretty quiet.  We're only 15 Kim from the Gabon border so we should make it tomorrow!

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