Saturday, March 30, 2019

Luanda, Angola to Dublin, Ireland to Toronto, Ontario, Forever, 2019

We finally got away at 2:40 am which was 3h40 minutes late. We are on a Boeing 787 which I thought were all grounded but so far so good.  I've been lucky because I've slept a lot and after 7 hours we've had 2 meals.  They don't taste too good so I only eat a few mouthfuls but just the storage capacities of the plane's kitchen are amazing.
So, I was awoken for breakfast and I asked the waitress how much longer and she said an hour and ten minutes.  Good I though, I've survived.  What was funny though was that we were supposed to stop in Dublin but we hadn't so I thought because of our long delay there'd been a change in flight plans.  So the 1h10 passed and the pilot came on and said we would be landing soon, in Dublin!  Dublin?  WTF?  Did I get on the wrong plane?  We've been flying 7.5 hours and we're only in Dublin?  OMG, I'm going to have another birthday before we get to Toronto.  I've exhausted the music the plane provides and guess I'll just have to continue sorting through my pictures.  How long is this flight anyway?

Well it turns out it's 17 hours!  17 hours I will never get back!  We've had snacks and another meal and I kind of think we are done as far as food goes.  I've had a Dad and his 7 year old son beside me and the son has no idea about personal space.  Oh well, I'm going crazy and I'm 57  I can't imagine what he's feeling.  I know what the 5 year old across the aisle was feeling.  A while ago, my neighbor had his eye shade across his nose because he smelled something awful. I told him I thought that was our next meal.  He looked at me horrified and said he hoped not.  I inhaled a big one and yuck, he was right.  Someone had crapped themselves!  I asked the dad ahead of me ( who is travelling with his wife and 5 children, repeat 5!)  If maybe one of them had had an accident.  Oh no he said, none is in diapers.  They're all older than that.  Well, he must have got a whiff and all of a sudden wasn't so sure so he sniffed the wild one and sure enough, off they went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.  Poor kid.  

We are supposed to land at 11:20.  I'm sitting near the back of the plane so it will take awhile to get off and through customs.

Well we finally landed and what a culture shock to walk through the Toronto airport.  There are tables with charging stations with power that seems to be on.  The bathrooms have sit down toilets with toilet seats and toilet paper, hot running water at the sinks, soap and paper towels.  This all seems so weird and luxurious!  I got through customs quickly and without trouble.  I was worried about my wooden statues but they're varnished so not raw wood.  I bought a train ticket to Union Station and called Freddie who came and let me into the cubicle, I mean condo that I've rented for two days.  It's in the Sun Life Building on York, right downtown and on the 30th floor.  I've got a view? Of the lake and Roger's Stadium, in fact there's a ball game on this afternoon but I don't watch the Bluejays on tv so why would I go to a game?  I think I'll enjoy my room!

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