Saturday, March 16, 2019

Ntoum to Bushcamp south of Lambréné, Gabon, March 16, 2019

We left Ntoum heading south towards the Republic of Congo border.  It was a 245 km day-

through a lot of rain and of course nothing but jungle-

Our one and only stop was in Lambréné to visit the museum and former hospital of Albert Schweitzer-

who was born in Alsace/Lorraine in 1875, got his doctorate in philosophy, then another doctorate in theology and finally a degree in medicine.  He must have fallen in love with Gabon because he spent 14 different periods of time here.  He built a hospital, a refuge for lepers and won the Nobel Peace Prize with Albert Einstein in 1952 for their opposition to the atomic bomb.

The museum is his former home including his wife's bedroom-

He played the organ professionally and performed over 450 concerts-

Many countries honoured him with stamps including France-


São Tomé and Príncipe-

and Gabon-

Looking at the stamps reminded me of my stamp collection that I haven't looked at for years.  I'm going to get it out when I get home!

Huan, Lutz and Martina enjoyed the museum too-

After, we toured his former hospital that just closed in 1981-

The wards-

The dentist chair, complete with a foot pump that ran the drill-

The birthing room with the stirrups in place-

The pharmacy-

and the operating room-

I really enjoyed the hospital and admire Schweitzer for all the work he did while in Gabon.

We're camped on a roadside parking area with a waterfall, well, it's sort of a waterfall, where we're going to have bucket showers. They're the best becasue you dump a full pail of water all over yourself and it's nice and so cool.   Tomorrow we'll hopefully cross into the Republic of Congo!  

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