Saturday, March 9, 2019

Finally to Gabon, March 9, 2019

Today is my Dad's 89th birthday!  Happy Birthday Dad!

We were up bright and early and got to the border before customs even opened.  That was okay because we went for a stroll in the market and had a great avocado, tomato, onion and boiled egg salad-

Also in the market was a tailor with political dresses for sale.  Notice the detail around the neck-

Vehicles are second rate so they are always broke down.  This public bus had to be pushed for quite aways-

I was riding shotgun and what a bad day to pick.  We must have had to stop at a dozen checks-

Some were as close as 200 meters apart!  Talk about job creation!  I had to get out and talk at all of them so am exhausted!  Leaving Cameroun and entering Gabon was easy enough - show your passport, fill out this form, add these papers, get this stamped, and on and on.  We weren't asked for bribese at all, except two cops asked if we had any condoms!

Along the way, I'm not sure what these women were celebrating-

We are still driving through miles and miles of jungle but today was 100% on pavement so that makes it easier.  I hope we make Lopé National Park tomorrow!

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