Saturday, March 23, 2019

Matombi Beach, Congo to Cabinda, Angola, March 23, 2019

I fell asleep by 8 pm but was awoken at 10 by howling winds.  I quickly put on my fly just before it started to rain.  Again, the lightning show was crazy - I think because the days are so hot and the nights cool off there's a huge temperature change so lots of storms.  The inside of my tent only got a little wet because of human error:  I've managed to properly close three of the four roof vents and will work on getting the fourth one closed too but not tonight because I've upgraded!  Yee ha!

We stopped in Pointe Noire for three hours and I spent the first one in a nice patisserie having a deliciously fresh petit pain au chocolat and an Americano.  From there, I went to Cathedral Saint Pierre which according to some yip yo on trip advisor is magnificent.  Well, I wouldn't agree but like I've said before, my bar is really low these days.  The outside-

The inside-

They must get big crowds because there are lots of tile covered pews outside.  Our next stop was at the recently opened Africa Space Museum which contains many tribal masks and carvings-

Funeral urns-


Voodoo dolls-

There were also some great paintings including Traffic Jam-

Abandonned Culture-

A metal sculpture called Dancer in Sweat-

Hope of a Nation-


Mamá Africa-

Later, we headed south to Cabinda, Angola where the ROC/Angola crossing was simple enough:  we needed photocopies of our Congo visa before leaving then photocopies of our Angola visa to enter.  

Africa is not easy-

We made it to the Catholic Mission in Cabinda where Father Futi met us and happily allowed us to stay.  Not me!  I'm in an awesome nearby hotel for the next two nights because the DRC border is closed Sundays so we can't cross tomorrow.  Darn 😜!  

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