Nairobi, Kenya January 4-5, 2016

We returned to Nairobi after a couple of weeks travelling through Uganda and Rwanda.  We've driven through and along the Rift Valley the past while-

Tonight we had a great meal at Purdy Arms: butter chicken and cheese stuffed na'an-

Absolute best meal I've had for months.  It was a sad affair because we are saying farewell to Brad who is off to work in Australa-

and Fraser and Kathryn-

who have already completed the southern part of our expedition so they are heading off on their own.

We will miss them -a lot!  It's been great getting to know them and travel with them.

We leave Kenya tomorrow as we make our way to Arusha,Tanzania.  Internet may be sporadic or non existent until arriving in Cape Town February 29 but I will do my best to post when I can!


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