Monday, January 4, 2016

Kabale, Uganda , December 26-27,2015

We drove from Musanze, Rwanda to Kabale, Uganda.  

Lake Bunyonyi is beautiful with many terraced fields surrounding it-

The Lake Bunyonyi Orphanage is high in the hills across the lake-

 Poppy, Rob, Rhod and Jess are enjoying the ride over-

There are 142 kids: 98 are true orphans and live with family in the area.  11 have no where to go so they live with Edison, the manager of the orphanage. 33 have only one parent.  

It's Christmas holidays so a few kids came just to entertain us-

They danced and tried to teach us some of their moves-

Faces at the orphanage-

A classroom-  Teachers make $400US/year-

Lunch was a fabulous crayfish curry, baked beans, boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes-

Views from the top-

We're on our way back to Kenya with an early start tomorrow!

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