Monday, January 4, 2016

Jinja, Uganda, December 29-January 1, 2016

We stopped at a "meat on a stick" spot for cook group shopping.  When a vehicle arrives, the 'blue shirts' attack, running to the vehicle, trying to sell drinks, meat on a stick (usually chicken), fruit and vegetables. If I could post a video, you wouldn't believe it-

We arrived at Nile River Explorers close to Jinja and from the bar we have a fantastic view of the Nile-

We went on a booze cruise for 2 hours and Rob, Jess and Adam had a great time-

So did Mark and Poppy-

The Nile-

So I've gone African!  95%+ of all African women have extensions in their hair.  Few have Afros - only the poor it seems.  If you see an African with straight hair, it's extensions.  They ALL have Afros.

So, I went to see Rose at the Best Lady Saloon-

The interior is decorated with posters of extensions.  Anything you might imagine is available-

Not sure I did the right thing! 

Before, with Rose, who by the way is now in the hospital with malaria-

And after-

Kind of crazy!  It's heavy and feels like plastic but apparently it will soften up in a week or two.  It took 2 women 4 hours to do it and cost $26 US.  It will last 2 months or so and then I'll have 'roots' although I'll be surprised if I can stand it that long!  Maybe I'll come home with it or get it removed in Cape Town.  It just has to be twisted out of my own hair.  I feel llike Taj!

We have had 4 nights here - yesterday was rafting on class 4 and 5 rapids - pretty sweet.  We tipped twice - the first time freaked me out: the water was rushing past my face and I couldn't breathe.  It was only for a few seconds but it was enough to scare me.  I ended up underneath the raft and there is about a foot of air there so I was all right.  That was only in a class 3 rapid!  Pussy!  I think I must have drowned in my last life!  The second dump was on the last of 8 rapids and it's a class 5.  There is a 75% chance of upsetting.  Our guide grabbed me first and I watched as 3 walls of water consecutively crashed into me and pushed me under.  I was more prepared so wasn't so scared.  We rafted 28 km in the Nile and went through 8 rapids.  It was a great day.  These photos are not of me, the cd cost $50 US, but this is what it was like-

The road outside our commune is mental.  Not sure how cars survive-

New Year's Eve was low key for me, just the way I like it.  I was asleep by 10 pm.  January 1 was a quiet day - reading and a few beer.  We're off at 4 am tomorrow morning for Nakuru, Kenya!


  1. You are doing the same trip I did, just in reverse
    I enjoyed my trip, hope you are

  2. Not going to spoil things for you, but you will enjoy antelope park and the cheetahs, then the Serengeti, it will blow your mind how big it is, not your usual National Park

  3. Happy new year Alli, new adventures start tomorrow.


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