Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tanzania to Chitimba, Malawi, January 20, 2016

Certain towns are 'attack' places where mobs of vendors run after vehicles, hoping for a sale.  They got lucky today because Mick bought a bag of bananas-

Soon we were old news-

as they ran after the newest arrival.

Others choose just to sit and wait until someone comes to them-

This is so typical Africa wth cell phone companies advertising on shop walls and doorways, rusted corrugated tin roofs, log pole supports for verandas, the same goods on display and people everywhere.  

At the Tanzania and Malawi border-

The road we drove along in Malawi is in the Rift Valley and very fertile.  Fields were well tended and crops were planted and growing In various stages.  There were a lot of people working, again, most fields have been plowed with cows but a lot of hoeing is done by hand-

The catch of the day-

I could smell Lake Malawi before I saw it.  There were numerous drying racks filled with cichlid-

We're camped for 2 nights right on Lake Malawi.  I'm looking forward to a village walk and witch doctor  visit tomorrow.  Might even get my fortune read!

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